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    Move from POP3 to IMAP Outlook 2007 (Comcast)

    The imap account is working but i have 11 emails in my outbox that i'm unable to send. They seem to be related to my original pop3 account. clicking on send/receive does not work. get error message ox80048002. I'd gladly settle for POP3. Comcast suggested deleting all accounts and starting over...
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    Move from POP3 to IMAP Outlook 2007 (Comcast)

    I deleted the pop3 account. I can no longer send or receive email from my pc I CAN send and receive from my ipad When I set up the IMAP account I named it my email address The new IMAP account name is my email address with (1) appended Does it make sense to add a new IMAP account with a unique...
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    Move from POP3 to IMAP Outlook 2007 (Comcast)

    I followed Comcast’s instructions on how to use IMAP instead of POP3 in Outlook 2007. I now have two accounts (whatever that means) in Outlook and don’t know what to do next. The original account opens by default and I don’t know how to use the new account. Suggestions? Thank you.
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    Automatically close email after selecting mark unread

    Is there a way to have Outlook 2007 automatically close an email when I have selected to have it "marked as unread"? Thank you.
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    Font Size Contact List

    I "upgraded" to a 24 inch monitor and have struggled to get fonts to a size I can comfortably read. When composing messages in Outlook 2007, I often click on TO so I can pick recipients from the contacts list. Is there a way for me to enlarge the fonts in that list? Thank you.