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    Restrict some lists to only BCC send option

    Hi Pwatts2, if you interested in custom development please contact me at info(at) Regards, Victor Ivanidze
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    multiple display names

    Try to use SmartReply tool
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    How to display sender's name instead of email address in outlook 2013 message

    Hi Ivanhou, have a look at this free tool: NameFromContact BR Victor Ivanidze
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    Message-ID Header

    Alternatively you can try this tool. Regards, Victor Ivanidze
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    [SOLVED] Delegate Send, Drafts & Delete Items Functions on Behalf of Client

    Sorry if i were unclear. I mean that neither hotfix nor registry change will help if you are running Outlook in onlene mode (Exchange cached mode is OFF).
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    View who sent on behalf of a shared mailbox in Outlook sent items

    Have a look at See It allows you to see the Author column in the Sent items folder.
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    Shared Mailbox - Send Items

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    [SOLVED] Delegate Send, Drafts & Delete Items Functions on Behalf of Client

    No, in fact this hotfix assumes you are run Outlook in the cached mode. Here is a quote: Important After you install the December hotfix package for Outlook 2010 and set the DelegateSentItemsStyle registry value to 1, the functionality is available only when the Exchange account is set to...
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    Macros for Delegate Issues?

    Here is an utility to move the sent e-mail to proper Sent items folder:
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    Multiple Domains routing through multiple send connectors

    There exists a tool that allows you to route based on sender: