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    IPAD Outlook OWA App - Help using Exchange 2007

    Diane. This takes 15mins from you and 3 Hours on the phone with Microsoft and still no answer! You are the best. I assume I cannot use Exchange Online individually but would need my whole corporation to switch? I am trying Touchdown and it is pretty decent. However, I also cannot Sync email...
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    IPAD Outlook OWA App - Help using Exchange 2007

    Hi. I am trying to test out the new Office suite of iPad apps including the iPad Outlook OWA app (Not the web based browser one) and I am having problems. I am using Office 2010 at work and the company uses Exchange 2007 Server. I do not want to change or upgrade the whole company and am...
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    Can I get real Outlook functionality in an Ipad app?

    Help. I am a bit of a power user of Outlook 2010 at the office. I fully utilize email, categories, tasks, calendar , contacts and even the Journal. I especially need the linking and connections between the activities and contacts. I am now using my ipad for work as well and have the native...
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    Outlook replacement options - contact journal activities lost

    As most people are learning now, Outlook has basically eliminated the JOURNAL function and the Contact activities features in Outlook 2010 and now in the new Outlook 2013. Some of us live and die by these features and I have downgraded back to Outlook 2007 since I cannot bear to be without it...