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    Shared Mailboxes "Save Sent Item"

    Hello, When I create a new email and want to file the message by using Options\Save Sent Item to a folder in a shared mailbox, that I have Full rights and Sent on behalf of access, why doesn't it work. We are using outlook 2007
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    From field in outlook 2007

    We created 10 folders with all the templates by shared mailbox. Is there a way to open the folder instead of the templates. This macro only works if I specify only one template. Sub MakeItem() Set newItem = Application.CreateItemFromTemplate("C:\DATA\TEMP\LALA.OFT") newItem.Display Set newItem...
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    From field in outlook 2007

    Larry, she has 10 shared mailboxes to manage and she doesn't want to add the name of every mailbox when shes using the templates
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    From field in outlook 2007

    We have a user who will be using multiple stationaries (.oft), she would like to know if the FROM field can be hardcoded with the mailbox name. She is using outlook 2007 client