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    Trouble migrating Contacts (2002) to People (2013)

    RE: item #1 - in this particular case, where the PST file is stored is not relevant. What you need to do is open the old PST file from wherever it was copied on your machine via O'2013 menu --> File --> Open --> Open & Export --> Select the old pst file (this process assumes you have copied your...
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    Converting from POP to IMAP with Comcast

    What exactly is the question being asked? a) how to change the destination of where messages are being delivered? OR b) how to change the sequence in which the PST files (along with the associated folders) in the profile are presented in the Nav pane - or more specifically how to make the...
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    Convert Access table to pst

    Not possible as of Outlook '2013 since only CSV and PST files are supported input data sources. You would need to export your MS Access table to a CSV file and import that instead.
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    Converting from POP to IMAP with Comcast

    The short answer to your question is to simply drag the Root folder for your Imap account in the Nav Pane to be above the set of folders for the POP account. Just as a FYI - if you were to configure a profile with only an Imap account in '2010 - you would see/get 2 PST files. By default the...
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    Trouble Importing folders from Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2013

    Noticed the missing emails how exactly? Messages within an existing folder or a complete mail folder missing completely? What type (POP, Imap, <Mapi in '2007 and EAS in O'2013) of email account do these missing emails relate to?
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    Trouble Importing folders from Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2013

    What is happening with Outlook '2013. Under normal circumstances, when '2013 is installed on the same system with an earlier version of Outlook, it will migrate the existing Outlook profiles. In short, it should open using the same default Outlook profile that was set for O'2007 using the same...
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    Opening/Archiving/Import/Export PST files

    What exactly are you trying to accomplish especially given that you're looking for multiple ways to do the same thing within Outlook OR using external tools for the purposes of "manipulating" PST files? What do you mean by "manipulating"?
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    Moving .msg files back into outlook

    Not something I do but a quick test of the following steps resulted in original info being saved in terms of original sender and date using O'2013 (no reason to believe it would be different for earlier versions - just not near any systems that I can check at the moment) - click on the...
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    Trouble migrating Contacts (2002) to People (2013)

    #1 - There is no real need to export to a new PST file. You could simply copy the original PST file on the XP system to the Win8 system and then just open the newly copied file from within O'2013 (done via File --> Open & Export --> Open Outlook Data file. At this point, you can use the contact...
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    Outlook 2013 won't convert Excel contacts into Outlook contacts using my custom form

    How exactly are you performing the import? Standard Outlook import doesn't support custom forms so you would need to adjust the sample code I referenced to create a new contact item using the message class of the custom form. As for DocMsgCls - works here using 32bit '2013 so suspect the error...
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    moving custom field data between outlook and excel?

    May want to take a look at an old code snippet from Helen Feddema under the Outlook -> Excel samples and adjust accordingly.
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    Sync MS Outlook to your I-pad

    As Russ noted, Outlook does not get involved in the sync process. Syncing issues need to be addressed by the provider of your sync software. Two links that may be of value in that regard are: Apple Discussions - Category : iPad
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    Names reversed in Full Name field

    To eliminate some of the obvious variables in the equation - here are some very simple things to check/test #1 - Are the default settings for FullName set to the format you desire - in O'2010 --> File --> Options --> Contacts #2 - If you create a <new> contact and enter the name into the...
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    Problems with Exporting Data by *.pst

    This may seem like an obvious question - but are you certain that you are importing from the same file that you exported to? That said, really no need to "export/import" (and not recommended for the purposes of moving from one machine to another). All you need to do is copy your current PST...
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    Blackberry sync

    Outlook is not involved in the syncing process - that is purvue of the sync software in use. You should check to ensure that all the requiresments of the sync software are met. You should post the question in the BlackBerry in the appropriate support forum for your phone and/or software and...