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    Change the selected Message in the Outlook window

    It is. See the methods AddtoSelection, and ClearSelection provided by the Explorer class.
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    How can I increase/faster outlook VBA Macro Speed ?

    In general the performace is better if you forego the progress dialog. Instead, simply display a MsgBox when done. Also, joining the rulelist string could take one or more seconds for 1000 loops. Since you run all rules, why not just say that instead of listing all the rule names?
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    determine to which address an email has been sent

    Yes, the header would be the only way to get it.
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    GetSelectNamesDialog Pre-fill search box

    Thanks Robin, I´ve corrected the sample. And yes, it´s my code. If you want to share it, please add a link to the page you´ve got it from.
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    auto send email when meeting closes from a shared calendar only

    There´s no event in Outlook that tells you when a meeting has ended. For a full automatic process you´d need to look at intervals into the calendar, find all meeting items, decide, which one has ended, and which of the ended ones hasn´t yet sent the email. That´s a lot of work for a beginner...
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    Select / activate first email item in the searched query

    The AdvancedSearchComplete event gives you with SearchObject.Results the list of found items. Pass the first one to ActiveExplorer.AddToSelection
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    Set all subfolders to not autoarchive

    No, it does return either on object or nothing. If you see a string, it´s the object´s default property and means actually your method of testing is wrong; but it also means the object cannot be nothing.
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    Set all subfolders to not autoarchive

    So the message does exist. Back to my first reply: Delete the On Error Resume Next in order to see if an error occurs.
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    Set all subfolders to not autoarchive

    I´m sorry, I cannot figure out which part you don´t understand. You mentioned this line returning no resultSet oStorage = oFolder.GetStorage("IPC.MS.Outlook.AgingProperties", olIdentifyByMessageClass)] Which should mean that the folder doen´t have archive settings stored. That´s what you want...
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    Set all subfolders to not autoarchive

    if GetStorage returns an object, call its Delete method.
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    Set all subfolders to not autoarchive

    "No setting" is a valid setting, it just doesn´t need to be stored. So, no stored value means "no setting". In other words, if you want to turn off the auto archive function, delete the hidden message that stores any other archive settings.
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    Set all subfolders to not autoarchive

    Without knowing the code you´re referring to we can only guess what´s going on. If it contains an On Error Resume Next you don´t get an error message even if one occurs. If the hidden message GetStorage is looking for doesn´t exist I´say there´s no auto archive setting for that folder.
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    Conditional Formatting based on Department of person received from?

    This macro adds the company info to the email: Join Email with Contact Data - VBOffice
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    Check for words in subject header before sending email

    then useif instr(strsubject, "what you´re looking for")=0 then...
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    Check for words in subject header before sending email

    Use strsubject = lcase$(item.subject) to make it case insensitive.