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    BCM is almost at capacity Outlook 2010

    Unfortunately neither of those did anything to the size. I wonder if it was linking my emails. While I have a small client list I have regular email communication with them. Is there a way to not only unlink ( which i've already done to save capacity) but delete the linked emails to create...
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    BCM is almost at capacity Outlook 2010

    I only have 587 business contacts and really only keep the contact info and link and track emails. We are at 2867 MB used and I am trying to decide how we got to the limit so quickly. Does anyone know if there is a way to go into each record to delete any unnecessary emails...would that...
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    Voip + BCM integration

    Does anyone know of a VoIP provider that integrates with MS Outlook 2010 and BCM?
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    Multiple Categories?????

    As a small insurance broker, we'd like to keep track of multiple different contacts; personal lines clients, prospects, realtors, loan officers and business insurance clients. What is the best way to do that in BCM? Should I set up a database for each type of contact?