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    Outlook 365 update sets delete from server flag

    I'm wondering if this has happened to anyone else, but my wife and I have both just discovered that our "Remove (mail) from server after 14 days" flag has been set. Explains why we have been having trouble finding older emails on our phones for at least a month, at a guess.
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    Locked pst file

    Hi Diane, Thanks for that. Task Manager shows Outlook closing almost instantly. Of course, today, files are copying perfectly. I will monitor TM when the problem returns. I appreciate your help. rcull99
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    Locked pst file

    Outlook 365 32bit I am using CodePlex's Outlookbackupaddin. Almost every time I close and expect a backup, the file is locked for too long and a backup never occurs. I added a new registry entry which delays the backup process for 15 seconds, but even after that I get the continuing message...