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    Multiple accounts or players with one opportunity

    To your first challenge: I think the best would be if you add a new field to your opportunities. Be sure to set the datatype to "relationships". You can then select the tab you want to select from.....for example arch/eng or contractor. Of course there already is the possibility in the...
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    Show opportunity field in mail inbox

    Haven't found it either. It is not possible to add a column to the inbox which shows the opportunities linked to each e-mail I soon as I find something I'll let you know.....
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    How do I notify a colleague about a new Opportunity

    Good question, and would be a very usefull feature. I think you have 2 optional solutions in your case, as far as I can see: 1) Setting the "assigned to user" box for the user the opportunity is for and make it a habit for them to regularly check if there are new opportunities for them...
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    Business Contact Manager without Exchange?

    I use the Hotmail connector for Outlook 2010 and only have my own Hotmail accounts in outlook. We also have a small office. Our company e-mail comes in on another PC. I just use the database on that main pc remotely. I can work on the database without having access to the company mail. You...
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    Adding Second Business Contact Group

    Do you mean creating a new Tab next to the default tabs "accounts", "Business Contacts" and "Leads"?
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    Link multiple messages to opportunity

    Hi, This is very easy, and build in in BCM (if I understand your problem correctly): - Go to your inbox - Select the first message/e-mail you would like to attach to the opportunity - Click "Link to record" in the upper right corner of the ribbon - Select "opportunities" as Item...
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    Can't use "manage linking and tracking"

    The situation: We got our database on a desktop. A laptop in the same network uses this database remotely. The problem: In Business Contact Manager 2010 we can't open "manage linking and tracking" in "file --> business contact manager" on the desktop. It says: "Business Contact...