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    Automatically open attachments without automatically printing them

    The user is running Outlook 2007 SP3 on Windows 10 Pro 1809. She would like to open all attachments, one by one, in an email, but not have them print automatically before she is able to make the necessary formatting changes (especially in Excel documents - they are printing too large). The...
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    Receiving messages in offline mode

    Figured it out. Tools, Options, Mail Setup tab, Send/Receive, unchecked both options under "When Outlook is Offline".
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    Receiving messages in offline mode

    I am receiving messages when Outlook is in offline mode. Using Outlook 2007 with a POP account. I switched to offline mode because I'm compacting a huge PST file. The obvious solution is to disable the network adapter or disconnect it entirely, or disable the automatic send/receive temporarily...