Forum Notes, New Features and FAQ

Tips on using Outlook Forums. Plus Notes, New Features and FAQ.

Welcome to Outlook Forums by Slipstick Systems

New shortcodes to embed files from Google Drive:
[gd640] [/dg640] - 640x480 size; use to embed videos, larger image,pdf files and other documents
[gd400] [/dg400] - 400x300 size; use to embed videos, larger image,, pdf files and other documents
[gddoc] [/dgdoc] - use to embed google docs images
Spreadsheet: gdsheet; slides: gdshow;

Before posting a file you need to enable sharing on the file in Google Drive.

Administrators will remove inappropriate content and spam.

We recently changed the URL from to This was done to support automatic linking and comments to new articles at URLs will redirect to Check out the articles under Polls & Discussions.

You can now log into our forum using Google+. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Microsoft accounts.

A new feature enabled is the ability to Export Threads. Look for the command under the Thread Tools menu. Use this command to Export a compete thread in text format. Select All (Ctrl+A, C to Copy, then paste into Notepad, OneNote, Word, or your favorite text editor. (Login required.)

We added the ability to delete your account. While we don't want to see anyone leave, it is possible to delete your own account now. Note that this only deletes your account, it does not delete your posts or username. We do not delete posts (except for spam and other inappropriate content.)

VBA Code Editing: Although it's not required to wrap VBA code samples in the code tags, it can make the code sample easier to read.

You can either type the code tags:

Or use the Insert button to automatically insert the code brackets for you (it opens a little window for you to paste the code into).

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    Feb 5, 2015
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