Updates Jan 2024

forum updates

January 26 2024 New: when starting a new thread, you need to answer 3 questions:

Your OS. Exact version down to the build is not needed, but Win11, Somona etc will be helpful. Limit is 20 characters but short versions, like W11 is sufficient.

Your Email client. This will mostly be Outlook but with a million different Outlook's, knowing which one can be helpful. Outlook 2016, Outlook for mac, Outlook on the web etc. short names are OK: OL21, OWA. Limit is also 20 characters

Your email account and or email host. POP, IMAP, Exchange, web mail are possible answers. Knowing the host is less important unless there are send receive issues, enter it in the form of comcast, ionos, Microsoft, etc. This field accepts 30 characters

Members can now add the OS they are using to their profile. It allows for multiple choices if you use more than one OS.

It's limited to the main OS categories: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android - not the specific version.

Updating existing user profiles is not required, but if you want to update your profile, go here:

At this time it is not a required field when creating a new profile, but if I thought it would slow down spammers, it will be required. :)