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A list of forum changes.

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April 1 2015 Cleaning up old messages that don't get many views. As old messages are purged, the message counts will change. New members won't notice a difference in their counts but long-time members may see their post count decrease, as the cleanup process removes messages that are at least 4 years old and have a limited number of views. This cleanup process will continue for a few weeks.

March 10 2015 Removed LinkedIn as a login option as the result a new LinkedIn policies.

February 5 2015. New feature enabled: Export Thread command under the Thread Tools menu. Use this command to Export a compete thread in text format. Select All (Ctrl+A, C to Copy, then paste into Notepad, OneNote, Word, or your favorite text editor. (Login required.)

February 1 2015. New feature: Delete your account. While we don't want to see anyone leave, it is possible to delete your own account now. Note that this only deletes your account, it does not delete your posts or username. We do not delete posts (except for spam and other inappropriate content and really old posts with limited number of views.)

January 2015: You can now log into our forum using Google+. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Microsoft accounts.

January 2015: Changed the URL from to This was done to support automatic linking and comments to new articles at URLs will redirect to Check out the articles under Polls & Discussions.

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    Feb 5, 2015
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