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    'General failure (URL) Server execution failed'

    When I try to click through to a URL from an email in Outlook 2010 inbox this error message appears. The only solution is to copy and paste. I am using Windows 8.1 and my browser of choice is Chrome. Any solution appreciated
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    Caps causes Outlook 2010 to minimise message in Win8.1

    Ever since I upgraded to Win8.1 pressing Caps Lock to key a subject line while composing an email message causes the message to minimise. I then must reopen it and continue. This is admittedly not life-changing but it is annoying. Is there a setting I can change? Is it related to Win 8.1 or Outlook?
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    Deleted calendar file - Outlook still searches for it

    I created a temporary calendar file and stored it on my desktop during a PC recovery. I have since deleted the file but Outlook 2010 still searches for it when starting calendar and reports it cannot be found. How can I stop this?
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    Outlook 2007 - recurring appointments shifted by one day

    All my future recurring appointments eg: birthdays have mysteriously shifted one day forward. For example, my birthday set as August 22nd until age 90 (optimist) now shows as August 21st. Is there a quick fix? If it's relevant, I recently lost all my contacts when Nokia Ovi deleted them