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    Outlook keeps redownloading inbox 3.99gb

    hi i have issue with outlook 2010 32 bit all updated. i have configured it correctly . it starts downloading inbox starting at 3.99gb and when it finishes (dont know if it reaches 0 because i havent monitored every mb decrease . ) but i have noticed the lowest reading of 200 mbs . then it...
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    All emails are received with delay on outlook 2010

    Hi Emails are received with delay on outlook 2010. But they are received on time on iPhone and owa. All are connected to the same network through wifi. Cached mode is enabled in outlook 2010. I have deleted the email account configured in outook and reconfigured the account but it didn't...
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    Configure outlook with Domino

    Hi We have a Domino server in our organization and clients are using ibm lotus notes. But few are quite used to Microsoft Outlook now they want to have that account configured on the outlook is that possible? Any guide or article? How should I deal with the archived emails that are...
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    Search/list all emails sent between 6pm to 12am in the past 30 days

    Hi i have few questions regarding search in outlook. i want to perform the following searches in outook. i have an exchange email account and i have made a folder in it and have applied a simple rule in outlook to send all emails from one specific user into that folder. now the issue is...