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    Formatting Styles when Replying

    Hi, I am really lost at trying various things to get a problem settled :( The problem itself is that, when replying to a message, instead of using my Normal.dotm, Outlook picks up formatting styles from this original message, which I am replying to. Example: my Normal style defines...
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    New E-Mail Button Not Working

    Hi, My problem (Outlook 2010 x32) is that neither of these buttons (E-Mail, Meeting, Assign Task - those that are available on the 'Contacts' page of Outlook) stopped working all of a sudden. Nothing just happens when I press either of those. What I tried so far...
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    Rules Based on Contact Categories

    Hi all, I have a problem organizing my incoming mail. I migrated to Outlook 2010 from The Bat! a couple of months ago, so I am still kind of used to some practices and rules, which I was able to create using The Bat! What I need is move all mails from contacts, which belong to a special...