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    BCM Compulsory field, New opportunity

    Hello .. I want to make a custom field compulsory in BCM/ Opportunity/New Opportunity , when ever someone is adding New opportunity , that custom field must also be filled. Can anyone please share some code ? I have no programming experience unfortunately ):
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    BCM Auto Backup Data and Customizations

    Hello Is it possible to create a windows task that runs every 3 hours , backups and export BCM data and settings to a file automatically ? I want to Backup all my BCM data and customization on my SDcard/USB every 3 hours. Or any software/utility that does it ? I found many utility that backup...
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    BCM view customization

    Hello .. When I try to change the font color of some field in in "Contact Management" folder using "Conditional formatting" / "Add"/ "Advanced" .. But everytime I exit outlook the effect is gone .. There is no option to same the View setting .. Is there anyway I can save the changes and make...