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  1. Mark Foley

    Cannot enable add-in in outlook 2010

    I have just downloaded and installed CalDavSynchronizer on Windows 7 and Outlook 2010. When I run Outlook, the CalDavSynchronize tab does not show. When I go to File > Options > Add-ins, I can see that this add-in is disabled. I then go to Manage COM Add-ins > Go, and I then check the box beside...
  2. Mark Foley

    Unable to subscribe to published calendar in Outlook 2010

    More Outlook 2010 troubles. I re-created an Outlook Account for a user (see related thread: The upload of "Calendar" failed. There was a problem with the request.), then WebDAV published his calendar. I then sent out an invitation to another Outlook user in the office to subscribe to his...
  3. Mark Foley

    The upload of "Calendar" failed. There was a problem with the request.

    We've been using Outlook 2010 at the office for years, and for years users have been able to publish their calendars to an in-house server. Some days ago that stopped working for one user. I've checked the Publish Calendar Settings > Advanced, toggled the 'Update this calendar with the server's...
  4. Mark Foley

    Color Categories on IMAP mail lost when installing new Windows 7 workstation

    A user in the office was given a newer, scratch-built Windows 7 workstation. Outlook 2010 was installed from DVD. The mail files are kept on an IMAP server (to which I have access) and the user's mail data files are kept on a network drive. I was able to point the new Outlook's data file to the...
  5. Mark Foley

    Outlook multi-spacing Thunderbird signatures when replying

    Our office is mixed Thunderbird and Outlook 2010 clients. When an Outlook user (internal or external) replies to a message sent by a Thunderbird user, the original signature appears multi-spaced in the reply's copy of the original. The Thunderbird signature block is an HTML table. In examining...
  6. Mark Foley

    Time span on WebDAV published Calendars does not appear to be working

    I've published a webDAV calendar from Outlook 2010. My time span setting is previous 30 days through next 90 days. However, when I look at the actual .ics file published on the webDav server there are over 2600 entries with dates ranging from early 2010 to July of 2016 (7 months out). Does the...
  7. Mark Foley

    Problem subscribing to shared calendar

    I'm having a big problem with two of nine Outlook 2010 user in an office not being able to subscribe to a specific WebDAV calendar. User A publishes calendar "HPRS Office Calendar" and invites users B, C and D. Users B and C subscribe, no problem. User D can accept the invitation and the...
  8. Mark Foley

    Where are Outlook categories save for IMAP?

    About 8 months ago I moved our email server off Exchange and imported all existing messages into IMAP. Color Categories were successfully imported, but I had to enable viewing/setting catagories in Outlook 2010 and 2013 using Diane Poremsky's excellent instuctions in Outlook Categories, Flags...
  9. Mark Foley

    Outlook prompts for IMAP user/PW when domain PW changes

    We are using Outlook 2010 and 2013 in our office in an Active Directory environment. We use Dovecot/IMAP as the mail server on the Active Directory/Domain Controller. The Domain username and IMAP email username are the same, but the IMAP server does not use AD credentials -- there is a password...
  10. Mark Foley

    Emailing attachment from Word/Excel sends attachment but no message body

    Two workstations both have Office 2013 and both have this 100% repeatable problem. When in Word or Excel and selecting File > Share > Email > Send as Attachment; after composing the message and sending, the recipient does get the attachment, but none of the composed body text. How do I fix this?