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  1. J Contact Sync Issue

    Am I the only one with this issue?
  2. J Contact Sync Issue

    Thanks for the note. My outlook contacts continue to lose job titles and company names. This is so disappointing for I prefer Outlook to Gmail but have no choice but to make the switch. I cannot figure out why this is an issue and cannot be fixed.
  3. J Contact Sync Issue

    Hi Diane, I do sync with a Blackberry Priv but never had this issue before. I do not use any other utilities as well. Once I get to my office I will try to do what you suggested. Thank you so much!
  4. J Contact Sync Issue

    Thank you Diane. I did connect my Gmail account. However my job titles and company names for some accounts are still disappearing. I spent an hour with Microsoft with no solution in sight. I also show contacts unread. My Gmail account has no issues. I am about to dump Outlook for good.
  5. J Contact Sync Issue

    Hello, I added my email to Outlook 2016 work desktop computer so I could sync my calendar and contacts. Everything worked great. However, lately with my contacts the job titles and company name disappear. This is very frustrating. Good thing is I backed everything in my Gmail...