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    All Gmails don't show in Outlook 2019

    Dear Diane, I've Outlook 2019 installed on Win 10. I have a gmail account running w/in Outlook 2019 and configured as imap. At first sync, the 15,000+ emails downloaded to Outlook and the status bar reflected that the inbox was "Filtered" but the summary column only showed emails back to...
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    blocking two or more word domains separated by period/dot

    Dear Ms Potemsky, Let me say, first, how much I appreciate your knowledge about Outlook and the always generous, compendious answers you share and the speed with which you respond . First Question: I'm using Outlook 2010 and am receiving spam from a number of domains that end in ".rest" such...
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    Outlook 2016/2019 hangs after being open for an extended period

    Dear Diane, I have two instances of Outlook (one instance of Outlook 2016 and a 2nd instance of Outlook 2019) on two separate computers that are in no way connected to each other. Both computers are running Win 10 Pro, Version 1903, OS BUild 18362.418. Both instances of Outlook are using imap...
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    Send/receive error 80040119

    Diane, I've an instance of Outlook 2013 in which a pop account throws an unknown error (0x80040119). Symptoms are: When in account configuration, the test function sends/receives correctly. In the Outlook page, send/receive throws the unknown error noted above. User is able to log on to the...
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    Import Outlook 2016 contacts into to: field

    I've imported a contacts list from Windows Live Mail into Outlook 2016. The contacts show up in the contacts list but do not show up in the "To:" field of an email message. Is there a way to get the imported contacts into the To: field? Thanks so much for the help.
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    scanpst.exe doesn't repair .pst file

    I've a .pst file that I repaired with scanpst.exe. After the repair, Outlook 2010 throws an error and says that it can't open the .pst file in question. Ran scanpst.exe a 2nd time and repaired the file. Outlook 201o throws the same error. Is there a way to repair the.pst file so that Outlook...
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    blocking domains

    Dear Ms Potemsky, A while ago there was a discussion about blocking top level domains for which there was no entry in Outlook's top-level domain list. As I recall it was done using binary within a registry entry and the actual registry entry was dependent upon which version of Outlook one was...
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    Outlook 2016 doesn't show contacts in address book

    Installed Outlook 2016. Imported contacts from Windows Live Mail by exporting WLM into a .csv file. Imported same into Outlook 2016. Import was successful. However, the contacts do not appear in the Outlook Address book so that when one clicks on the To... button no address appear. I've...