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  1. M autocomplete list invaded by strange items

    Using with a web browser. Over recent months I have noticed very strange addresses appearing in the auto-complete list. They are not my addresses at all. (not received from not sent to). Many of them look like "junk". Some are not valid addresses. (ex: yahoo but missing the...
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    How many days are items in Recover Deleted at ?

    In, how many days are items (emails, etc.) stored in the Recover Deleted area ? Trying to verify that email in that area is "purged" (really gone) after a reasonable amount of time. We are "doing an experiment", to see if we can see what happens. But the UI for that Recover...
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    Using Outlook with Yahoo email

    I use Outlook 2016 to access Yahoo email, using POP3. Recently Yahoo tells me this is a "less secure logon". If I change the Yahoo setting to not use less-secure, then Outlook -- POP will not connect to yahoo email. I was planning to try Yahoo -- Outlook -- IMAP. (instead of POP). But based...