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    Adding textbox filter to listbox?

    I have a listbox using the code form Outlook VBA: Use a Text File to Populate a ListBox . It populates the listbox with job numbers for saving emails to the server. I would like to add a text box to enter a keyword to filter the listbox. The only examples I can find are for excel, such as...
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    change folder and back

    How can I save the current folder, change to sent items folder, do some stuff (from userform) and then change back to the original folder when done? Thanks, Chris
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    VBA routine to write new sub routine in outlook

    I could use some help with creating a routine that writes a new sub routine to a module. What I looking at doing is use the browse folders to get a file path and set the sub routine name. Here is an example of what I need to create: Public Sub 16001 My_Job_example() 'sub is from mypath below...