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    Office 2016 Outlook is forgetting passwords

    After a recent major Win 10 update, I find that Outlook is forgetting passwords. I have tried a MSoft fix which among others things created a new profile with no success. Grateful for any tips to fix this
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    Outlook 2013

    Office Outlook 2013. Recently I have had several problems with my Office Outlook 2013 file. First I could not create a new calendar, as well as not being able to open and modify two of six groups of records in my contacts' folder. I ran system file checker, which found and fixed some errors...
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    Outlook 2013 is printing headers only

    I have just installed Office 2013, and just tried printing for the first time. For some reason Outlook is only printing headers, (with blank pages after that) Its is not a printer problem as I still have Outlook 2007 installed, and the same emails print perfectly via that utility. Grateful...
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    Outlook 2013 when will the To Do bar be fixed?

    I have just loaded Office 2013 and hate the bright white interface (have changed to Dark Grey as advised Diane) But I cannot live with the limited number of appointments on the To Do bar as well as the lack of bold numbers in the calendar there too. For some time there has been a promise of a...
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    Syncing using iCloud mangled my Outlook 2007 file

    Last week I attempted to sync my Win 7 Outlook 2007 calendar and contacts (ie NOT the rest of my personal folders) with my new iPad. First problem I found was that Oulook would no longer schedule reminders on my computer. I deleted iCloud and imported Outlook from a back up file. The latest...