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    how to access the properties of a contact given distlist.member object

    I have some code that retrieves all distlists from outlook.Then I want to access the fullname and the email of the member from contactitems. How is that supposed to be done for I reckon that it should be possible. maybe the EntryID property can point to thw write answer... yet I am open to any...
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    how to set user properties to a newly created appointment

    Here, I am trying to clone recurring appointments to a new calendar which has additional userproperties but I get a Run-time error '-2147417848(80010108)': Automation error The object invoked has disconnected from its clients error when 1)setting a user property 2)set the recurrencepattern...
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    my vbscript button1_click code works on appointment created but not on opening an existing apntmn

    hi I have an open_item sub and a commandbutton1_click sub. the open_item loads data from a db and into a listbox.possiblevalues while the selected value is stored on a custom field the commandbutton1_click creates a access.application object.(is it possible to do so in a modal way?) When I...