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    Gmail not updating Outlook Home

    Have Outlook Home (365). Gmail is one account in my list of accounts....set up as an IMAP. Email takes a long time to update in Outlook. An email sent at 7PM last night did not update until 9AM this morning, despite repeated send/receive requests. Other email accounts updating fine. Android...
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    Calendar entry reminders in

    When I create an appointment in Outlook Home I create it without a reminder. When it goes to a reminder is created. This reminder then syncs to my android phone and then back to my Outlook Home calendar. Reminders are turned off for Outlook Home and for If I create the...
  3. H calendar does not update from Outlook 2013 Home Premium

    Running Outlook Home (previously called Outlook Home Premium) on Surface Pro w W8. Updates to Outlook Home calendar are not updating calendar. When this happens none of my other devices (Android Phone and iPad) are updated. I have not been able to find any consistency with when this...
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    2013 Rules do not run automaticlly on SENT mail

    I have both an Exchange account ( and a POP3 account. the rules I have set up run fine on the incoming mail but do not run automatically on the Sent mail in either account. They run fine when I run the rules manually so there is not a problem with the way the rule is constructed...
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    Calendar Folder property is empty

    See this in the Event Viewer. Receive send/receive error for Hotmail. have reinstalled outlook connector. Still see problem. Understand this is a bug in SP2 for Office 2010...
  6. H sync error to Outlook 2010

    not sure if this is the right place to post this but I keep getting this error:Task '' reported error (0x8004102A) followed by: Task'' reported error (0x800CCE05) : 'Synchronization error.' I eventually get my emails but not immediately. is there a...
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    Reocurring outlook appointment (office 2010) does not update

    I have a reoccurring appointment. I needed to change a single entry. I changed it in Outlook 2010 but it did not update in