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    How to move responded emaisl automatically to sub folders in Outlook 2007

    Hi, In outlook 2007, while responding incoming emails from common mailbox how an email can be automatically moved to sub folder without manually selecting the email and dragging the same in the sub folder. Ideally the expectation should be that whenever a person is responding back to any...
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    Alerts on incoming emails which are not responded since 1 day

    Hi Team, We are having a mailbox which is monitored by us. Every day emails are flowing in and out on this mailbox. I want to know if we can put alerts for emails which has hit your mailbox and has not been responded back for more than one day. We would like to have these alerts send...
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    In Outlook 2007, need to see the replied/responded date in Inbox view

    Hi, I am using Outlook 2007. In the inbox view, i need to see the responded/replied date as one of the column. Basically all the emails that has hit my inbox and i have replied them then i need to know on which date i responded/replied back those emails. Is this possible to get in the...