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    Outlook 2007 Rules & VBA: How to run a script on a report message (ReportItem)

    Hi Outlook VBA Experts: I apologize for everything being in one sentence, but I am unable to get the forum to recognize line breaks. I posted a separate question about this, with no resolution so far, so I am going ahead with my real purpose for being on the forum. In Outlook 2007, I have a VBA...
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    How to get "new lines" (line breaks) in posts here

    Hi Folks: This is my first time on the forum and I have a question about Outlook. But after typing it in and previewing it, I see that all of my "new lines" (line breaks) are gone, so all of my sentences and paragraphs are jammed together. So is my VBA code - I know about the {code} and {/code}...