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    Automatically modifying an email

    Since I can't seem to get attachments to work with "mailto" (see my previous post "URL opening a new email"), I'm thinking about another way. If I were to issue the following URL in IE...
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    URL opening a new email

    I'm entering the following URL from IE:\t.txt This brings up a new Outlook email with To, Cc, Subject, and body filled in. Specifying "&bcc=" also works. Unfortunately...
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    Outlook Distribution List contents

    I have a folder hierarchy of Public folders > ..All Public Folders > .....Dept > ........Distribution List Distribution List has a DefaultItemType of "olContactItem" and a DefaultMessageClass of "IPM.Contact". I have scanned the folder chain and have a...
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    New Outlook Distribution List Location

    I have a folder hierarchy as follows: Public folders > ..All Public Folders > .....Dept > ........Distribution List How do I create an Outlook Distribution List in a folder other than the default "Contacts" folder ("Distribution List")? I have a folder object with...