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    Outlook 2013 Will Not Open!

    After I followed instructions on how to expand my mailbox size, I started getting a message that I "cannot rename system folders". I rebooted. Then Microsoft had some updates. Now I received a message stating that "the operation failed due to an installation problem. Restart Outlook and try...
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    Cannot send emails-stuck in OutBox: OUTLOOK 2013

    For some reason, I cannot send emails. This problem just started today. Initially, the emails I was attempting to send just seemed to disappear. Later they showed up in my Outbox. These are short emails with no attachments. Does anyone know why this is happening? If so, does anyone know what I...
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    IMAP server wants to alert you to the following cannot rename system folders

    I started to get the following message: "Your IMAP server wants to alert you to the following: cannot rename system folders". I didn't rename any of the system folders. I have been trying to set up folders for my emails on my hard drive in a pst file. Does anyone know what this message means...
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    OUTLOOK 2013: How Do I Move Emails to Folders stored on my Hard Drive?

    I MUST keep all my emails along with attachments. I created sub folders in outlook so I can drag and drop, but that seems to be a problem with Outlook 2013 as it is taking up too much space. I keep getting a message stating that my IMAP server is alerting me to the following: Email is too large...
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    Outlook 2013 slow or no receipt of emails

    Outlook 2013 is not functioning properly. It is very slow to receive emails. In fact, I really have to close Outlook then go back in, in order to receive new emails. This does not happen on my tablet or when I go into Go Daddy. I loaded new updates 2 days ago. That didn't help. I've made...