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    Missing Outlook subordinate folder

    Moved a folder from an Archive .pst file located on my C drive: to a position subordinate to an existing folder located in my active current IMAP (Comcast) folder list. The moved folder has disappeared. I know it exists somewhere because if I search for some emails that I know are in the...
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    Outlook creating a folder named: "Unwanted"

    For some reason Outlook is creating a folder named "Unwanted" and puts new emails automatically in this folder. When I try to drag and drop it to my inbox, about 20 seconds later it automatically gets moved back to this folder labeled "Unwanted." I use Office 365 Home with Outlook 2016 on my...
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    Outlook Calendar Sync MY GOAL: see work calendar on home desktop w/o OWA

    Hello: I use four calendars: Outlook work 2010, Home Outlook 2007, Web Google Calendar, Android phone Google calendar. I can get all to sync excep my Work calendar will only sync with my Android phone. I'm trying to figure out how to sync my work Outlook 2010 calendar (on an Exchange...
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    Sync OWA?

    Is there a way to sync my work owa calendar with my home desktop Outlook 2007 calendar?