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    Return Highest Level Email Folder

    Hi all - I would like to return the highest level folder in an Outlook folder path. I can get the parent, but the parent might not be the highest level. I can keep asking for the parent of the parent, but I get an error once I get to the top level. Alternatively, how do I get the folder...
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    Custom Signature Not Displayed When Account Selected

    Hi! I am using a procedure to choose the correct account for sending a new e-mail that I adapted from this forum. The correct account is based on the Outlook folder I am in. Thanx! I can successfully choose the correct account, but the signature for the correct account does not show...
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    Select Specific Account When Sending Email, Based on Current Folder

    Hi all - I want to automatically choose a specific e-mail account when opening a new (blank) e-mail message from a specific folder. I have tried everything, but I cannot get my code to "fire" each time a new e-mail message is opened. I understand how to find the current folder, and I...
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    Change Default Email Account Using VBA

    Hi all! I want to automatically select a specific mail account to send e-mails when I am in a specific folder. I understand how to test for the current folder, and I understand how to use VBA to create a new e-mail and send it from a specific account. However, I want all e-mails sent when I...