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    Report stuck formatting page

    I have a pretty complicated report containing two subreports that I have been running for a while. Suddenly today it has got stuck on "Formatting Page". I was modifying some unrelated VBA code in the database before this happened, but worried I may have changed something inadvertently I reverted...
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    Custom form won't open for edit

    I have been developing a custom form. After a recent edit I have been unable to open the form for further editing. The form starts to open, it's outline appears, but the litttle revolving timer just continues to run and the form never finishes opening up. At first I assumed I had...
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    Extracting user-defined details from a public folder

    Hi A few years ago (with the help of Sue Mosher's book on Outlook Programming) I created a simple Outlook-based application for recording notes and actions relating to current projects. Users complete simple forms and these are saved to a public folder on our Exchange 2010 server. There are...