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    Outlook 2010 Outlook/Win7 Client logging Event ID 36887

    I have a client running Outlook 2010 on Windows 7 Pro. He is connecting to a hosted Exchange 2010 server in cached mode. I was just looking through his Windows Event viewer logs and noticed that starting 3 months ago he started logging many EVENT ID 36887 - Schannel - both fatal alert was...
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    Cached mode no longer works with NTLM authentication

    Hi, Im using OL 2010 on a hosted exchange server. The host must have updated something the other day even though they deny it as my home computer that was left on, and logged in overnight had a message that because of admin changes I needed to log out and then back in. After powering up my...
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    Exchange user showing in auto-complete

    Using OL 2003 on a hosted Exchange Server 2010. When I compose an email to another user on the same hosted Exchange Server I see two auto complete entries for these users; one entry from my address book (the one I want to see) and another entry that is the user name in the Exchange profile for...
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    OL2010 Create a new task while off line

    On a computer using OL2003 in cached exchange mode, while WORKING OFFLINE, I can create a new task. On a computer using OL2010 I can not create a new task while offline. Is there a registry setting or other work-around?
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    Synchronization of some deletions failed [0-130]

    Using OL 2010 with a hosted Exchange server 2010 (in cached mode). I am logging many errors "Synchronization of some deletions failed." [0-130] Did a bit of searching and lots of people have been complaining about this for a long time. Does anyone have a solution or a at least a way to...
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    Changed my "From" email address creates problem with previously saved contacts

    I have changed my "from" email name in OL not to include my company name. As a result when I edit a previously created contact OL pops up a check name box and tells me it doesnt recognize contact (my old contact "from" name). If I look at the contact "All mail fields" the "from" is MY old...
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    OL wont close after VB app runs

    I've got a VB app that imports data into Outlook. The import goes much faster when OL is offline. If OL is not running my code works perfectly, however if OL is currently running after my code execution OL can be closed by the user, but it only closes the OL window. The process continues to...
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    Error: 0X8004010F - Microsoft Exchange offline address book

    Diane, Thanks again for your help the other day exporting OL views. I just finished exporting/importing about 100 views. If you remember from my other post, I am on a hosted Exchange server that crashed. The hosting company had to rebuild from the ground up so I am in the process of trying to...
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    Export custom views from offline OST

    I'm using a hosted Exchange account. My host had a really bad failure last week and basically had to rebuild from the ground up. This created a new mailbox for me which I had to import all of my data into (when I opened Outlook I got the option to use the offline version, or open the new...
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    OL2003 (HTTP proxy) update time

    Trying to get my OL2003 (connected via Exchange over Internet HTTP proxy in cached mode) to update faster (check for new message). I have tried changing both these reg keys <code></code>HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Outlook\Cached Mode...
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    VBA code to determine 'show' state of SearchBar

    Trying to write a small VBA macro for OL2003 that always opens the SearchBar when in a contact folder. I am putting my code in the FolderSwitch event. I am able to find the ID of the SearchBar in the menu, but cant find a property to tell if it is already showing (.visible always returns...
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    How to disable syncing folder views/layouts

    Hi, Running OL on multiple computers. Each computer is running at a totally different resolution. The layout that works for one is horrible for another. The layouts are syncing across Exchange. If I change the layout of several folders so I can read them on one computer I have to change them...
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    Correct settings for send/receive groups w/Exchange

    Since the cached Exchange mode account should auto sync with the server, what are the "correct/optimal" settings for send/receive groups if it is the only email account in Outlook? Should auto send/receive be enabled, does the interval matter? Under "send/receive groups" what are the...
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    Auto-archive with Exchange account

    Just switched from Outlook using pst files to a hosted Exchange account. Previously I would receive email at both my office and home but only auto-archive at work to keep everything in one archive. With Exchange it appears that the auto-archive setting replicates to the other computer. What...
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    OL2003 Public Folder Sync Errors w/ Exchange 2010

    Using a hosted Exchange server 2010 just to "sync" email, contacts and cal between work, home and my phone (I am then only user and I am not sharing anything in the public folder). My home computer is OL2010 and is working fine. My office computer has OL2003 SP3 (cached mode). I dont want...
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    OL2003 Macro disables itself - looking for way to automate 'enable'

    Using Outlook 2003, Windows 7 64Bit, IMAP. Since OL2003 doesn't let you specify a Sent Item Folder and stores IMAP sent items on the local machine (which is pretty stupid, if you are using IMAP) I have created a rule that copies sent messages to the server so they are accessible from my other...