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    Questions On Crashing, Sluggish, and Configurations

    Loaded question I know - but I have several. First off I am using Office 2016 with 4 email accounts. For years now Outlook will crash if I leave it open for several hours, I seem to be able to avoid it crashing if I refresh the inbox regularly throughout the day but if I let it sit for a few...
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    Outlook Mobile App Doesn't Refresh Inbox

    I have been trying to figure out why my mobile email never seems to sync my inbox automatically. I use an iPhone, and have tried several different mail clients including Outlook and Apples mail app. My email account is with AOL, and the best thing I found to work was using AOLs mail...
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    Disable Spam Notifications & Sounds

    I have been getting TONS of spam lately, luckily most of it is going to my spam folder automatically. The problem is it notifies me every time an email is received regardless if it is spam or not. I am constantly hearing the sound in the background or seeing a notification by the clock. If I...
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    Unread Until Click Another Message?

    If I click an email and read it then click delete, it shows unread message in my trash. I have to click another emails first then go back to the email I want deleted before it can be sent to the trash as read. How can I set Outlook to mark a message as read as soon as I click on it and while...
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    Change PC User Directory & iPhone Sync

    I have two separate questions, the first is how do I go about pointing Outlook to a specific folder so I can keep my user files on a NAS? This way no matter which PC I use in my house, Outlook on the PC I am using will open my PST/OST from the NAS. Secondly I use the calendar on my iPhone then...
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    Constant Username Password Prompt

    Outlook keeps asking for username and password to email server, I have to click ok three times in a row for it to go away for about 5min. I still send and receive mail the credentials are correct, I am using imap AOL mail servers. No luck searching the forum any idea?
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    Missing 'Sent' & 'Trash' Folders?

    I setup 3 email accounts with my Outlook 2013; one AOL and two others. The AOL has all the folders I need, the other two only have: -Inbox -Infected Items -Infected Items (This computer only) -Outbox -Search Folders How do I add a Trash and Sent folder to these accounts??
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    2013 AOL IMAP Sync Errors

    I am using Outlook 2013 with multiple email accounts, I get two pop ups every few min that states: "Your IMAP server wants to alert you to the following: 1 That mail is not currently available" "Your IMAP server wants to alert you to the following: 2 That mail is not currently available" When...