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    Shortcut Pane - add shortcut to Office365 group mailbox

    I use the shortcut pane instead of the mail pane so I can see folders from multiple email accounts in the order I want. However, I can't seem to figure out how to add a shortcut to an office365 group mailbox. It doesn't show in the list of accounts when I try to add a shortcut, but they are...
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    AutoArchive exchange folder to exchange folder

    We are moving from onsite exchange server with 250MB storage to O365 with 1GB so I want to leave more on the server than before. However, I sync my phone to my account and don't want my entire inbox synced so I wanted to use autoarchive to move items over 30 days old from Inbox to a secondary...
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    Email Header/People pane/contact card - GAL photo vs. contact photo

    No. Here is scenario. I use preview pane below message list. I select/open an email (shows same in open message as preview pane). In the message header, I see the GAL photo as a large thumbnail and one or more small thumbnails in the people pane at the bottom of the email. The photo...
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    Email Header/People pane/contact card - GAL photo vs. contact photo

    I have added photos to many of my contacts for use both in my email as well as having them sync to my android phone. Company has now added photos to the GAL and I would like to know how to pick which photo is being displayed. I want to set it so that the GAL photo is the one displayed, if...