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    Creating Macro in Outlook 2003

    I'm sure this question has been asked many times but the more I search, the more confused I get. I have created macros some years ago when I had more brain cells working, but for the life of me I can't get this to work................... I'm trying to insert a macro in Outlook 2003 to warn me...
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    Outlook 2003 reports downloading messages but cannot see them.

    This morning, I did a Send/Receive and the notification icon showed something like "Receiving 1 of 4". However, I can only see 1 message in my Inbox. There are no new mails in Spam, nor do there seem to be any in any other folders (Outlook is configured to send all mail to the Inbox). I...
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    Foreign Accents in Outlook 2003 Tasks, notes and Calendar

    Using Word as my email editor, I have no problem using keyboard shortcuts for entering French accents (eg: é using ctrl + ' + e) in emails. However, the same shortcuts don't work when trying to enter accents in Tasks, etc - for instance, the shortcut above gives è instead of é. Am I stuck...