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    Thousand of sync issues on Outlook clients with Exchange 2010

    Hello: I was checking the sync issues folder on several Outlook PC's and some of them have thousand of issues mostly on the Sync Issues root folder location. Are these normal? Some examples: 9:18:05 Error synchronizing folder 9:18:05 [80070005-508-80070005-560] 9:18:05 You do not have...
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    Emails suddenly going to the Junk email folder

    Hi: I have an Exchange 2010 Server and lately 3 users have noticed that some emails that used to go straight to their inbox are now going to the junk email folder. One of the users even had one email from one of our employees (from our domain) in her junk email folder ! :eek: They have...
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    Create a contacts list on Exchange 2010

    Hello: Is there a way to create a contacts list in Exchange 2010? Some kind of central repository that is not tied to any mailbox and that can be shared between users. For example a Sales contacts list that will be accessed by 2 employees in which they can add/delete/edit contacts...
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    Sharing Exchange 2010 calendars with people outisde our organization

    Hello: We have a 2010 Exchange Server in which we have 2 calendars that are tied to two conference rooms. There is another company in our same building that also uses those conference rooms and they need to see the busy/free information and need to be able to reserve those rooms as well...
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    Meeting requests and appointments not working as expected

    Hello: We just installed an Exchange Server and the appointments and meeting requests are not working correctly. There are 2 main issues: 1) Whenever I schedule an meeting (using the appointment option) and reserve a room, that meeting request is not showing up in my calendar. Isn't...
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    What to backup before removing Outlook 2010?

    Hello: I have a laptop in which most office 2010 applications includying Outlook are crashing quite often so I decided to uninstall and then reinstall again Office 2010. Is there anything that I should be aware before performing such task? Outlook has 2 email accounts and I know where...
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    Outlook 2010 keeps asking and asking for password

    Hello: I have several outlook accounts configured with GoDaddy (POP3). Some of the PC's (XP) use Outlook 2007 and some Outlook 2010. All of the passwords have to be changed. I already changed my account password and was only asked once to provide the new password. I checked the...
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    Header not printing in Outlook 2010

    Hello: Everytime I print an email the message header is not printed. I have read several solutions (Uninstall IE7, change top and bottom margins to zero, etc.) but all of them apply to older version of Outlook. This issue happens intermittently Anyone knows a solution for this...
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    Exporting and importing contacts in Outlook 2007

    Hello: There are 2 laptops with Outlook 2007. I want to transfer the contacts from laptop 1 to laptop 2. I found the following instructions that I believe explain what I want to accomplish...
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    Missing outloook journal entry pop up windows

    Hello: I was told by one of my co-workers that everytime he moved the mouse pointer to a journal task a pop up windows used to show up with all the journal's details. Now it's gone. Is there any option to accomplish this? Thanks
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    Best way to share outlook calendar with 10 laptops

    Hello: Is google calendar sync (GCS) tool the best way to sync 10 laptop's outlook calendars so we can all see each other's calendars? Currently this is how I have this scenario implemented: - Created 10 gmail accounts, one for each employee. - On each gmail account I added the 10...
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    Long delay for outgoing mail

    Hello: I have a laptop with outlook 2010. If the person sends an email within our company network it gets sent and received immediately. If the person sends an email from her home the recipient receives it until about 10 hours later. Anyone knows what may be happening? We use...
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    MS Office 2010 repair and pst files

    Hello: Would an MS Office 2010 repair (from the Add/Remove programs) delete or modify existing outlook 2010 pst files? I want to make a repair on one of the computers as office 2010 applications are having some issues. Thanks
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    Outlook and google calendar stuck if I close outlook

    Hello: I have Outlook 2010 and Google Calendar Everything seems working fine excepet when goolge calendar is syncing and I close outlook. This causes the bottom right outlook icon to get stuck in "Outlook is closing" and the google calendar icon gets stuck at syncing at 15%...
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    How to add tabs to Outlook 2010?

    Hello: A person brought me her new PC and she told that on her old PC Outlook 2010 had different tabs. She says that for example the "Review" tab is missing. So my question is how can you add/customize the menu tabs from Outlook 2010? Thanks and help is greatly appreciated
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    Deleting the offline address book

    Hello: I am using Outlook 2007 that connects to an Exchange server. How can I delete the OAB that is located on my hard drive? I want to measure how long it takes to download the whole OAB from exchange. Thanks
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    How to configure outlook to avoid sending emails from the wrong account

    Hello: I have 2 Outlook accounts. One uses POP3 and is for company1 (internal). The other one usess Microsoft Exchange and it's for company2 (external). What I want to avoid is that someone from compan1 that wants to send an email to company1 employees chooses company2 email account...
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    Adding an exchange account to an existing POP3 account

    Hello: I currently have 2 mail profiles, one is a POP3 email account and the other one is an Exchange one. Everytime I launch outlook I am asked which profile I want to use. Either one works fine. Is there any way to add the exchange mail account to the pop3 one so I don't have to...