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    Lost Access to Custom Form

    Hello all. We are in the middle of a hybrid migration to Office 365 with approximately 50% of our mailboxes on O365. Years ago I created a custom form for one of our public folders that is now only available to those mailboxes that are still on the local exchange 2013 server. I don't know why...
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    Unable to Send On Behalf of Another User

    Hello, my goal is to be able to send and receive email from a 2nd exchange account within Outlook 2013. I have a local Exchange 2012 Server and have attempted to do this two ways; First, I added my account through EAC site to the 2nd account with 'Send As', 'Send on Behalf' and 'Full Access'...
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    Sub folders of my Inbox collapsing

    Whenever I minimize outlook the sub folders under my inbox collapse. This happens when I close outlook as well. I have created a new profile as well as performed a repair installation on MS Office 2013 with no change. Thanks in advance Dave