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  1. williamlambton

    Reinstate "Open" button on mail item right-click context menu.

    Hello again! I am pleased to note that queries posted here in 2011 about Outlook's failure to display in message lists the email addresses of recipients is, these days, being addressed through some VB code. So, there was some point to it. I have just moved from Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2013 and...
  2. williamlambton

    Filter which removes Display Names from incoming emails.

    Hi! I am looking for a means whereby the sender's Display Name can be stripped from any incoming email, prior to further processing by Outlook. This facility achieves the desired result, but cannot be used with my own Outlook 2007/Gmail.IMAP set-up...
  3. williamlambton

    Customised To, CC, BCC and Have-replies-sent-to columns in message lists.

    Hi! I have posted a question similar to this at Outlook Code dot com and elsewhere on and off over the last nine months or so and have found generally that the question is not understood. So, this is another go! On my copy of Outlook 2007 I have been using a .cfg file in...
  4. williamlambton

    Changing 'To' field in message lists to show SMTP address only.

    Can I refer to: ? The "Sender's email address" section in that link works very well and has been used by me for about a year (XP Pro, Outlook 2007, Hotmail Connector). Externsive searching, and...