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    Outlook 2013 Tasks: Books

    All of the books I've seen on Outlook 2013 only devote about 20 pages to Outlook Tasks. Apparently what I am attempting to do goes beyond what anyone is covering in 20 pages. (And, the help screens are not helpful). Is anyone aware of a book or other source that goes more in depth strictly on...
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    Outlook 2013: Tasks versus Calendar

    I am attempting to set up a tax return due date list in Outlook. In the past, the list has been on Outlook Tasks. On that list at that time, being able to assign tasks among a dozen or so staff people was important. On the list I need to set up currently, I need to maintain ownership of each...
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    GroupWise to Outlook 2013 conversion: Tasks

    Upon our transition from GroupWise to Outlook 2013, our Task list converted. However, no one is shown as the Owner. Is there a way to indicate the Owner now? Or, am I going to have to create new Outlook 2013 Tasks for each task and then delete the converted task that has no Owner?