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    Editing tasks: highlight & copy/cut NOT working in Calendar entries

    Hello Surprised to find that a problem that developed recently in my old Outlook 2007 is a problem in the new Outlook 2013, on a new computer. Inside a calendar appointment entry, if I paste text in the body of the entry, I cannot highlight in order to copy/cut text. For example, I just...
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    How to set default calendar & contacts

    Hello How do I set calendar and contacts that open by default (people & Calendar)? For better or worse, my contacts and calendars (there are 5 of these) are set up in the iCloud. Outlook 2013 opens by default on "my contacts" (for one of the email addresses I use) and Calendar opens all of...
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    Trouble Importing folders from Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2013

    Hello I am having trouble importing email folders from Outlook 2007 on my old computer (Windows 7 64bit) to Outlook 2013 (Windows 365) on my new laptop (Windows 8 64). The folders and email messages in the folders arenot being imported. I created a backup.pst from Outlook 2007 imported this...