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    Outlook 2016 Does not Shutdown Correctly

    I have recently installed Outlook 2016 from Click to Run. When I close it, it does not close and leaves the Outlook.exe process running as viewed in Process explorer with a bunch of subtasks. There is an icon on the bottom right that says 'outlook is closing' and it never does. I have done the...
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    Migrate Outlook 2007 to Office 365

    I have used Outlook 2007 for many years and I wish to migrate to Office 365. The advice is to delete all old versions before installing. However, I have many SMTP and Pop accounts configured as well as some add ons; contacts; calendar and customization's. How can I preserve all those across the...
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    Outlook 2010 is Auto Purging when not configured for that

    I have used Outlook 2010 for many years. whenever I delete an email from an IMAP folder it crosses through and I have to hit the purge button to actually delete which is what I want as it allows an undelete. I have just updated Windows 10 to v1903 and now Outlook is automatically deleting...
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    Outllok 2007 License Expired issue

    I have Outlook 2007. It has run unchanged for many years. Suddenly I get an error message every time it starts. I cannot determine what has the issue as the message is unclear. I dont know which "options' it is referring to and there is no error in Outlook 'options'. In the tray it says "outlook...
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    Display of Sending Account in Outlook 2007 no longer works

    I have a number of accounts set up in Outlook 2007. There is a default, or I can choose a different account which generates a different from address. My accounts look like this: When I compose a message, it always used to display the account it would be sent from. Thus: However...