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  1. Victor_50

    Outlook 2013 Custom Contact Form starts with "E-mail 2"

    For a long time I have used a custom contact form. Made a new one and when using it it turns out the emailselector starts with "E-mail 2" in stead of "E mail" and my gender selector starts with "19-..." instead of "u" or "m". Tried to repair this in the form designer but that seems not possible...
  2. Victor_50

    Set all subfolders to not autoarchive

    Hi, I have been trying to get some (found) code working to copy the autoarchive setting "do not autoarchive" to all subfolders of a specific folder. There are two issues: It seems that setting "do not autoarchive" is not included in the code, it looks at all aspects of archiving save "do not...
  3. Victor_50

    jump to actual folder from favorite

    Is there a way to (in VBA) (1) jump from a folder in the outlook favorites pane to the actual folder in the tree pane and (2) is there a way to establish if the "selected" folder is in the tree or in the favorites pane? Seems that a similar question has been posted july 2015 but with 0 answers...