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    Extracting email addresses from a folder - how to also get the name of the person the address is for?

    I have successfully exported a CSV file from an Outlook folder that gives me the email addresses of the senders. However, I need the first and last names too - and these have not come through the export process. What I mean is, say an email address is, I'm getting that...
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    Outlook 2016: Can't delete default calendar but I don't use it

    Hi guys, My email is an imap account and my only calendar is an iCloud account. I can't delete the default calendar but it just gets in the way as I never use it. I can't change the default calendar to be my iCloud account. Am I missing a way to get rid of it? Thanks in advance for advice, Jo
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    Can't create shortcut to Quickparts

    In Outlook 2010 I was able to quickly insert Quickparts from my ribbon bar. On Outlook 2016 I have searched through all commands and there is no option for adding the Quickparts shortcut to the ribbon. Has this functionality been moved?
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    Replies never HTML

    Hi folks, My new email account (Exchange 365) receives emails with links intact but as soon as I reply, incoming links and my own signature are converted to plain text. Then I have to delete my signature and switch to HTML and re-insert my sig, quite tiresome. Is there any way to stop this?
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    Seeking advice now Outlook 2003 is unsupported by Exchange

    Last week my colleague's Outlook 2003 stopped connecting to the Exchange server as Microsoft stopped support for that platform. I have suggested he upgrades his system but he prefers to spend $0 and keep using Outlook 2003. The options therefore are that he goes with Popmail (does not sync...
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    icloud calendar stopped syncing, won't restart

    I use Outlook 2010 on Windows 8.1 64 bit. I have an iCloud calendar on my iphone which syncs with my Android tablet. Last year it also sycned with my Outlook but recently the Outlook side of things stopped working. I have un- and re-linked the account with the iCloud control panel on my PC...
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    Right click-drag no longer creates hyperlinks

    For many years I have been able to create hyperlinks by right clicking and dragging a file into my Outlook 2010 message text. Over the last couple of weeks this functionality has ceased. Any ideas how I can get this back? Windows 8.1 and Office 2010.
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    iCloud and Outlook only syncing in one direction

    I have an iCloud account which is sycned with my Outlook 2010 and Android calendar. It is not smooth sailing: Appointments made in my iphone appear in my Android Calendar and Outlook. Appointments made in my Android calendar appear in my phone and iCloud but not Outlook BUT...
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    Closing Exchange service, how to keep all calendar and mail data?

    My boss has decided to finish our hosted Exchange service, against my advice. It means we won't be able to have sychronised mail and calendars any more. To protect our data from loss, and import it into a new Outlook profile, what do I need to do? I have the OST file but what would I do...
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    Auto BCC VBA macro: how to add exceptions?

    Hi folks, I have installed this macro: but what do I need to do to add exceptions, ie I don't want emails to be BCCd to particular addresses. Thanks in advance for advice - I am not very familar with VBA. Jo
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    Can't see Sent Items folder in OL 2010 Imap

    Hi folks, I can't locate my sent messages folder for my imap account. I know it exists because I can search for messages whose location is listed as Sent Items but it does not appear on my folder list and I can't find any way to access it. There is a folder called "Sent" which contains...
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    Outlook 2010 won't preview Office attachments

    I installed Office 2010 on my brand new Win 8 64 bit laptop. Clicking on Word, Excel PDF or PP attachments in Outlook does not preview them - I just get the continued message "opening (app) previewer". I can save and open them. In Safe Mode I can preview PDFs but no Office docs. I have...
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    Outlook 2010 asking for password constantly, won't accept correct one

    Hi folks I check my imap email on three devices - my win 8 laptop, my iphone 4s and my Android tablet. When I have Outlook and my tablet open simultaneously, Outlook seems to "forget" my password and will not send or receive despite my inputting the correct password constantly. My phone has...
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    Outlook 2010: how to mark messages without opening? Eg for deletion

    My Android tablet email apps have check boxes so that I can delete messages without having to open them first. Mozilla email programmes do too. Is there a way to implement some kind of flag status, check box or radio button so that I can quickly select messages to delete without them appearing...
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    Keeping an Outlook window on top (2010)

    Hi folks, I use Filebox Extender as an Explorer shortcut manager and app to keep certain windows on top of others. It doesn't work with Outlook so I then installed Desk Pins which did. However, Desk Pins does not work with Win 8 - it installs ok but clicking on a pin does nothing. There are...
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    How to have Outlook 2010 Calendar when your mail server is Imap?

    Hi folks, Because I access my email on several different devices (Win 8 laptop with Outlook 2010, Android tablet and iPhone) I need a calendar that sychronises across all devices. I've previously managed this with Calgoo but I've just upgraded to Window 8 64 bit and find that Calgoo...
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    How to move calendar to new Imap account?

    Hi folks, I have created a new imap mail account and have disabled send/receive on my old pop account but have not removed it as I want to retain access to old mail. In my old pop account I had an Outlook calendar that was synced with a Google calendar using Calgoo connect. I've tried...
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    Irregular repeating appointments: add-in not working

    Hi folks, I have 56 appointments to put in next year's calendar and need to invite the same person to each one. Each appointment is identical. As there is no regular pattern to the series I can't use the recurring appointment option. Copying-pasting is fine except that I still have to open...
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    Migrating all OL 2010 accounts to new Windows 7 user account

    Hi folks, my 5 year old profile has become corrupted and continually gives me the Windows Explorer has stopped working/restarting loop. However, I've been able to set up a new account on the same laptop without that issue so now I'm going to have to reinstall everything, including mail and...
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    MS Office 2010: Word email merge not selecting default Outlook account

    Hi folks, I have a newsletter that I wish to send from my pop3 account but every time I have sent it out as a test it continues to send from the Exchange account. Clicking mailto: links on web pages also defaults sending from the Exchange account. I can successfully send and receive from the...