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    Add Fillable Fields to Existing Template

    Hello, is it possible to create a mini form that is available when preparing an email template to send out? In this case there would be 2 fields to enter <user name> and <computer number>. Thank you.
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    VBA Run When Reply

    Hello Diane, I still need help. 1. When working with Outlook and VBA will I always be placing my code within "ThisOutlookSession?" 2. Is this how you are saying to call a Macro(Sub)? Diane, can you point me to 2 simple codes where I can get the feel of saving and calling different Macro(Sub)s...
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    VBA Run When Reply

    Hi Diane, I found a script that might help me. But I'm am having problems testing it. Here is what's happening and the questions I have: 1. When I try to run the script I get an empty macro window with nothing in it (see attached)? 2. From what I have read all macro's for Outlook must be...
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    VBA Run When Reply

    Hi Diane, can you help me with VBA code to be used in Outlook 2013. This is what I would like to do: 1. I will select Reply To All and then run the code. 2. The code will add an attachment, insert certain text to the top of the body of the email reply, and insert my signature under the text...