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    Public Folder has many messages but can't be seen in Outlook

    Hi, I have an issue where a Public Folder has many messages but they can't be seen in Outlook, unless you perform a search and then they display just fine. This seems to be a client issue as when I look in OWA they are all there. Don't think this is a views issue as it is the same for all...
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    Outlook 2007 forms: Check boxes and free text boxes not retaining data

    Some how I inherited the task of creating new forms and uploading them to the organizational forms library. I have modified and corrected one particular set of forms many times, and occasionaly I have foudn issues with forms not retaining data inputted after they are sent. On particularly...
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    Exchange 2010: 'could not save item' and 'Unknown error' when edit calendars

    The customer has a large infrastructure (thousands of mailboxes) running on a clustered Exchange 2010 Windows Server 2008 platform. The migration project completed and now all the users sit on these servers, and the legacy Exchange 2003 environment is empty and unused now except for some...
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    Exchange / Outlook 2010 - How to cancel meetings but retain the calendar entry

    I posted in Microsoft's own forums without a hit, so I hope someone can help me here. Is it possible to change the default behaviour on meeting cancellations whereby it removes the “cancelled” entry from a calendar even if you haven’t clicked on the “remove from calendar” option? One of my users...