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    BCM stops Outlook 2013

    I am running Windows 8.1 Office Prof 2013 32 bit It was running before upgrading from Windows 8. Each time I start BCM Outlook shuts down. Sometime a message pops ups "Starting SQL Server Service" and when I go to do anything Outlook crashes. Any ideas, thanks John
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    [SOLVED] To make Outlook 2013 the default email system

    Every time I double click on an email address it autmatically opens up an Microsoft Mail window asking me to sign up... I didn't want to. Is there a setting I can change to make Outlook thge default system. Thanks for your help. John
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    Outlook 2013 To Do Task does not minimize.

    I will like to miminize the to do tasks like in Outlook 2010, under To Do Task you could minimized it to show on the right hand side. Thanks.