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    Syncing my inbox not working for certain types of mail

    Outlook 2016 running windows 10 For decades I've been doing this: When I send an email, it is saved in the sent folder but a copy is also saved in the inbox When I sync the inbox, that sent-mail copy is sync'd to the mail server Now, it isn't working. The sent mail copy is clearly visible in...
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    how to sync automatically when outlook opens

    When I open Outlook 2013 I have to go to each mailbox, click the SEND/RECEIVE tab and then UPDATE FOLDER. Previously, in this and prior versions of outlook, this happened automatically, but I've been unable to find how to make it happen! Michael
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    editing drafts - won't let me save

    I've had this problem for a very long time. I can work around it, but it's annoying. First, I compose an email and save it in the DRAFTS folder. Then, I open the draft, make some changes and try to save it back into drafts. The error is: The item cannot be saved because it was changed by...