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    change the "no date" header in todo bar

    is it possible to change the "No Date" header to "Next Actions" in Outlook 2010 todo bar? tedious small OCD detail i know... sorry.. TIA
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    Is it possible to remove the word Categories: from task list views?

    I like my task lists as clean as possible.. I find it redundant and unnecessary to have the word Categories: prefixing all of my categories.. Does anyone know where I can have it omit this? TIA
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    Create Task from Email and put body & email as attachment into task notes

    Using Outlook 2010... So as far as converting emails to tasks.. outlook only has option to move or copy an email with Text **OR** Attachment, but I want both. Is this possible with a macro? - sorry, day 1 of macros here :( I still want the subject of the email carried over as the...