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    Delay Send not working

    Periodically my delay send emails Icon will change from the normal SENDING icon to something different ( I think it changes to the DRAFT Icon) when this happens my delay sends do not go out ..then I have to open each and hit send again ..then they go back to the sending mode(Icon) again help...
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    multiple OST files ?

    I have my outlook/exchange mail account setup in Outlook 2003 I have had Outlook running in cached mode off and on over the years so I have an OST file I have added an internet email account to my outlook will I now have 2 OST files ? the existing one....and is there now a new one for...
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    OST question

    At work I was tasked with finding a solution for a user that wanted to have their personal email account(gmail) added to their outlook I researched and found a lot of good documentation how to do this I had never done that before and the person requesting this could not let me on her...